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It gives me immense pleasure in introducing our cultural organization BOBBY DANCE ACADEMY [A Total Performing Arts Gujarat in India] with the glorious history of almost 16 years. We have contributed in the field of regional cultural for almost 2 decades. With the note-worthy progress of the media in recent years, the horizons of entertainment have expanded considerably, and along with this expansion, the craving for cultural exposure has heightened to its peak. The Indian cultural history of 5,000 years flows through generations as it reflects in immortal folkdances and folklore, depicting vibrant and vivid patterns. The folk dances of India are generally quite spontaneous and are the creation of the people's imagination and desire for artistic and emotional expression. Displaying no inclination towards a rigid form, the whole depiction of folk art is guided more by the subject of the songs, which glorify nature, express traditional occupations or offer devotion to the cities.

BOBBY DANCE ACADEMY [A Total Performing Arts Gujarat in India] is the expression of that ambition to provide the nicest network. The promoters of this institution have invested at least 16 years of their lives to achieve the confidence to speak a few things about our great heritage and to lead the young generation to the world platform with the wealth of that heritage expressed fascinatingly in various forms of performing arts. Among many forms of artistic expression of people’s joy and agony. BOBBY DANCE ACADEMY [A Total Preforming Arts Gujarat in India] has concentrated a foot forward, as the first leap in Folk Theater (BHAWAI) and Folk Dances (RAS-GARBA) for which Gujarat is known from centuries to the rest of India and will be known to the rest of the world in future.

Practical training of these artistic forms is not the full point of the final goal to the founders/trainers of BOBBY DANCE ACADEMY [A Total Preforming Arts Gujarat in India]. Apart from acquiring the essence of these art forms in to, the participants are expected to master them so excellently, very rightfully, in their true spirit.

For this excellence, for this perfection BOBBY DANCE ACADEMY [A Total Preforming Arts Gujarat in India] very humbly utilizes the valuable services of the experts of these areas. Without being complacent with the mastery of its own leaders. When the power of media has brought the people of the world so closer, and when everybody is eager to know about the achievements of their counterparts in any hemisphere, the existence of BOBBY DANCE ACADEMY [A Total Performing Arts Gujarat in India] is valid and worth, as it aspires to prove itself. The real expression of our age-old rich heritage and to become the symbol of the self-esteem of GUJARAT.
BOBBY DANCE ACADEMY - Ahmedabad- India founded in 1998, has created a renowned name for itself in performing art and culture field, with a singular purpose of promoting Gujarat’s folk dance in India as well as on International forums. A majority of our acadamic group members have participated in International folk dance festivals, having performed in festivals and competitions acrossinItaly, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, France (Paris) among others. We have also received many prestigious awards in India as well for our folk dance showcases (Please visit our website.

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As for me, I have been personally invited as a judge in many competitions, and professionally I am known as Ashish (Bobby Sir). My dance academy firmly believe that our folk dance is constantly being highly appreciated in overseas folk dance festivals in Europe as well as other parts of the world. As a result I have chosen the best from amongst my students from different places of Gujarat with many of them being professional choreographers who run their own dance classes as well. For your kind reference we are one of the renowned cultural group of Gujarat state as we are regular participator in Vibrant Gujarat i.e. international kite festival and government events along with many other events in India (The related documents are enclosed here with).

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